Time to Market

To ensure your product supply match your market demand, you want to be sure to be able to deliver as predicted. Time is money and to be in production early means additional revenue.

Shorter Time to Market

Pharmadule have proven to deliver 3-24 months faster than conventional construction depending on project) by schedule compression due to the possibility to work with different activities parallel. 

This approach gives your investment a higher Net Present Value and faster Return On Investment.





Defer your investment decision

If you have a fixed launch date, Pharmadule by being able to supply your project faster than others, can offer the possibility to defer your investment giving you more time for process development thus avoiding changes due to process modifications.

Through our rational delivery model you can also ensure your business case is fully developed - meeting your market demand and returns on your investment.

For us it's a matter of pride to be able to deliver faster than others - continuing to deliver the values that Pharmadule has been recognized for over the years. 



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