Assured Quality

We take great pride in our ability to supply the right quality for both the facility and for the installed systems, following all applicable quality standards and codes.

At Pharmadule each project delivery has a tailor-made quality system that benefit the quality demands as well as the progress of the project.

Business and Regulatory Compliance

Understanding the aspects of regulatory/GMP compliance is something we deal with everyday. Local building codes and corporate standards - we ensure they are valued in our design execution for every project.




At Pharmadule we follow the lifecycle approach from the design of a regulatory compliant facility to the qualification of the systems.

To match your high expectations when ordering a new facility, Pharmadule has a well defined Quality Management System as well as ISO certified fabrication ensuring your project undergo strict monitoring and control achieveing the predictable result you expect.

This is achieved by using off site fabrication and integrating quality systems from day one.


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