Modular Facilities


Industrialization of construction is the rational use of prefabrication, to simplify and streamline the work.

The success of prefabrication lies within the adoption of a manufacturing philosophy rather than a traditional philosophy.

There are different types of modules to achieve this - process modules, production rooms, pipe racks, facility modules, clean room panels etc.

This approach:

  • Increases predictability
  • Increases flexibility
  • Shortens the delivery time

Off-Site Fabrication

Modular fabrication minimizes risks. Our staff has extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry. They are highly trained in pharmaceutical engineering and perform the fabrication indoors under controlled conditions with rational and effective working procedures in an assembly line manner under controlled industrial conditions.

At the same time, the excavations and foundation works are finished and municipal services put in place. When the modular plant arrives, it is quickly assembled, commissioned and validated.

75-80% of your facility is finalized in our workshop. Our approach to integrated qualification leverages our efforts in the workshop to a maximum, drastically reducing time spent on-site.

This means that the work is carried out in a safe controlled environment, away from the weather hazards and not depending on local resources thus reducing the project risk.

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