Delivery Process

Off Site Fabrication.

Modular fabrication and off-site construction removes the critical parts of the delivery of your project from the conditions on your final site.

In a safe and controlled environment of the workshop, the process and utility equipment are integrated into the modular building obtaining a clean and efficient installation.

Our staff is specialized in fabrication of facilities for the Life Sciences and Consumer Products Industries. 75-80% of your facility is finalized in our workshop.

As part of the Morimatsu Industry Group we can supply bioreactors, vessels, CIP-skids, formulation systems and many other process systems from our own organisation.

Our approach to integrated qualification leverages our efforts in the workshop to a maximum, drastically reducing time spent on-site!

Our modular concept has been recoginized as to provide our clients with:

  • Faster project delivery
  • Lower risk
  • Predictable implementation
  • Great flexibility





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