Application Areas

With a solid track record from designing and delivering pharmaceutical production facilities including process steps such as product formulation, vials & syringe filling and lyophilization, we can help you identify the best solutions, taking all relevant aspects into account.

Our Expertise:

Aseptic and sterile fill and finish processes for injectable solutions in vials, ampoules and syringes

  • Lyophilization of  products filled in vials or syringes
  • Traditional infusion solution products (IV-solutions) with liquid delivery
  • Isolator/barrier technology for containment and filling operations
  • Oral solid dosage including weighing,
  • dispensing, blending, granulation, spray drying, sieving, tableting and encapsulation.
  • High containment for processes of high potency products
  • API production plants
  • GMP Laboratories






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