Concept & Services

Pharmadule's complete Design-Build-Validate projects with turn-key approach is incorporating the values that have made the Pharmadule concept successful - On Time, On Budget & Short implementation time.

Full scope services

Based on the Pharmadule concept, we are in the unique position of being able to offer our clients absolute, industry-specific solutions at every stage of development. We offer total solutions, from process engineering and architectural design, through commissioning and qualification.

All facets are developed and delivered by us, so we can ensure your plant's completion on schedule and on cost.

We manage the project, coordinating all activities and taking full responsibility to ensure your plant is in production on schedule. Cost overruns, time delays and technical difficulties typical of conventional construction are thus minimized, making the whole process more effective and, more importantly for you, far more economical.

To complete the full scope approach we also offer Front end Design/Pre-Engineering Services, Validation Services and After Sales Support.

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