Morimatsu International Listed in Hong Kong (2155.HK)

Published Friday, July 2, 2021

 On the afternoon of 28 June 2021, Morimatsu International Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter as "Morimatsu International") was officially listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("HKEx"). This very significant moment announces the official landing of Morimatsu International in the capital market and embarking for a new journey.



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 Address from Mr. Terumoto Matsuhisa, Chairman of Morimatsu International

The Listing Ceremony in Shanghai was connected to HKEx for celebrating this remarkable milestone.Chairman of Morimatsu International, Mr. Terumoto Matsuhisa delivered his speech from his office in Japan, which was live streamed to Shanghai and Hong Kong. He welcomes the new phase for Morimatsu's development agenda.

With a solid market position in China, Morimatsu is committed to becoming the world's leading critical pressure equipment manufacturer and engineering solutions provider.

More than 30 years of deep cultivation in the industry is full of hardships and challenges. Morimatsu has been growing and prospering with the continued support from our customers and partners. Standing at a new starting point, we will create a brilliant future for Morimatsu.





Address from Mr. Koei Nishimatsu

Executive President, Managing Director Mr. Koei Nishimatsu stressed the appreciations from Morimatsu to our friends and partners who have been escorting our business till the day that the company was finally listed. It was a great moment for the company to be embraced by the international capital market. For its first thirty years, Morimatsu was so fortunate that our clients, partners, and friends have been very supportive and encouraging. We are looking forward to more and deeper collaborations with them from now on.


Address from Guests

Secretary of Rugao Municipal Party Committee, Mr. He Yijun and Chairman of Zhejiang Huayou Holding Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Xuehua delivered congratulating speeches on Morimatsu International's listing.





 Gong Banging on Cloud

The moment finally came up at 13:30 of 28th June 28 2021. Chief Executive Officer, Executive Officer, Mr. Koei Nishimatsu, Executive Officer, Mr. Tang Weihua, Executive Officer, Mr. Sheng Ye, and Head of the Office of Securities Affairs Mr. Lu Weifeng banged the gongs with HKEx under the witness from our guests. Morimatsu International was successfully listed in HKEx and its Stock Code: 2155.
























 The Moment

It's a great pleasure for Morimatsu International to have its clients, partners, sponsor all together to witness the exciting moment and prospect the future. 



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