Health, Safety & Environment

The use of off site construction ensures that your facility will be produced in a safe working environment. Since the building is 70-80% ready when it leaves our production facility we have removed the hazards of building on site the conventional way. 

The remaining 10-20 % will be performed under safe conditions at the final destination.

Pharmadule's HSE policies, procedures and guidelines provide clear direction regarding expectations for HSE processes and program implementation.

During the Project start-up a thorough risk analysis is executed with the client and that will serve as a base for the complete project until handover. 

Monitoring the safety is highly important for Pharmadule and our clients. The Pharmadule HSE management system is an interlinked part of the BMS and based on the OHSAS 18001 and 14001 standards

In 2010, MSD in Ireland received the CURT award for the safest project executed. Pharmadule takes great pride in being the major supplier of that project.


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